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Product introduction

RPD: Reciprocating Procedure Device

RPD is an innovative device designed to allow the user to easily control a syringe using a single hand

The syringe can be controlled single-handed to withdraw or inject with accurately.

Medicine Mixers
Product introduction

The Medicine Mixer allows aspiring of two different fluids, and mix them together just before sprayed onto the wound to form a protective coating to stop bleeding


Oral Syringe
Product introduction

Oral Syringe is often used with syringe pumps, following the enteral feeding syringe ISO standards

Product introduction

Our product comes in variety of different packaging styles, and can be tailored to the needs of our customers.


Tray packaging offers great protection the the syringes while skipping the step to open each individual syringe.

This is great for operation that requires to use large amount of syringes in one sesson.


Units in each tray can be customed to the needs of the customer.

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